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Avengers Endgame Theory: How Captain Marvel Will Help Defeat Thanos

Avengers Endgame is now less than two months away, and the fans are more than ready. During the post-credits sequence for Infinity War, we see Nick Fury, moments from being disintegrated, using an adorably-90’s pager to call for backup.

When it falls to the ground, it flashes a symbol: Captain Marvel’s symbol. How will Carol Danvers help defeat Thanos in Endgame? Let’s dig into it.

How Captain Marvel Will Help Defeat Thanos


Marvelous Powers

Captain Marvel is set to be one of the most powerful heroes we’ve yet seen in the MCU. If interviews with the Russo brothers are to be believed, Carol is on par with heroes like Thor, making her the equivalent of a literal god. But, certainly, raw power alone won’t be what it takes to undo Thanos.

After all, Thor is one of the mightiest heroes in the universe, and even when equipped with Stormbringer he was unable to finish Thanos off. A Mad Titan armed with all of the Infinity Stones isn’t easy to overpower, no matter how marvelous you are.

Time Travel

Many theories hold that time travel will play a huge roll in defeating Thanos. If he can’t be beaten in the present, why not beat him in the past, before he gets his hands on the Infinity Stones? Many commenters have noted that, at the end of Ant-Man and the Wasp, Janet van Dyne warns Scott about time vortexes.

While that seemed like a throwaway line at the time, we quickly learned that Scott’s trip to the Quantum Realm would likely be one-way. Team Pym got hit by Thanos’ Devastation, leaving Scott stranded. Maybe his only way out of the Quantum Realm is through a time vortex, after all?

The Captain Marvel Connection

But what does any of that have to do with Captain Marvel? Well, it remains to be seen what, exactly, Carol’s powers are. They seem to be energy-based. Maybe they’re even… quantum? While her powers are more light-based in the comics, we don’t know a lot about the MCU version yet.

If Scott is using the power of the Quantum Realm to travel through time, bouncing around like a loose electron, could Captain Marvel be the one to help direct him? It’s a distinct possibility. After all, we know that Ant-Man and Captain Marvel will both appear in Endgame. Scott could even make a cameo in Carol’s upcoming solo movie, setting up for the events of Endgame.

Final Showdown

Whatever shape the final showdown takes, we’re ecstatic to see it unfold. It’s going to be bittersweet, watching the past ten years of Marvel’s storytelling come to a close. Thankfully we can look forward to even more awesome movies on the horizon, even if this is the end of Phase 3.

Cameron Norris

Cameron Norris

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