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Best MCU Villains to Top Thanos

Thanos is the biggest bad the MCU has yet seen. He’s huge, he’s menacing, and he’s even grudgingly likable in a weird way. However, the MCU hasn’t seen the worst of what the universe has to offer, yet.

While the end of Avengers: Endgame will earn the team a much-deserved break from cosmic stakes, we’re interested to see who the next world-ending threat will be after Thanos.

Best MCU Villains to Top Thanos



The great demon of the Dark Dimension is quite a huge threat to the continued existence of intelligent life. In Doctor Strange’s first outing, he outsmarted Dormammu and saved the Earth from an eternal darkness. However, we can expect the big purple weirdo to try to worm his way back into this dimension someday, and when he does, the Avengers will be there.

Dr. Doom

The Fantastic Four’s film rights once belonged to Fox, but Disney has since purchased them and gotten the rights back under one roof. This is great news for fans of the MCU, as it means that the big bad from the Fantastic Four can come to the big screen in his menacing glory, finally!

Dr. Doom is a dangerous opponent for a number of reasons. For one thing, he’s an accomplished magician, a rival to Dr. Strange in every way. He’s also a genius rivaling Tony Stark, a tactician to match Reed Richards and a combatant to rival Thor. He’s a supervillain in every sense of the word!


Speaking of larger-than-life villains that belong to the Fantastic Four, the planet-devouring Galactus would be a worthy opponent for the Avengers. Heralded by the tragic Silver Surfer and destroying all in his path, Galactus is the definition of a world-ender.

As we said, Marvel has the rights to the Fantastic Four again. It seems likely we’d see Galactus as the villain of an upcoming Avengers film that crossed over with the inevitable MCU Fantastic Four. After all, he’s the original cosmic threat of the Marvel universe.


If the MCU needs a “final boss” to face down, Annihilus would make a good pick. The bug-like warlord from a different dimension heads the “Annihilation Wave,” an invasion force bent on wiping out all life in the universe. His mission is simple: he wants to kill everything.

While his characterization is a bit over-the-top, he’s a true “final villain,” bringing the might of a dimension behind him when he comes to call. In the comics, his forces amount to the most dangerous army in the multiverse, requiring all of our dimensions’ heroes to band together to stop him. How’s that for an ambitious crossover?

Cameron Norris

Cameron Norris

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