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Best New Games Shown Off During Indie World Showcase

On Tuesday, March 17, Nintendo showed off a surprise Indie World Showcase to put a spotlight on a number of new video games coming from independent studios. While many fans were hoping for a new Nintendo Direct, Nintendo was primed to show off new indie games. Here are some of the biggest pieces of news from the Showcase in case you missed it!

Blue Fire
Blue Fire, from Graffiti Games

Blue Fire

A new 3D platformer from Graffiti Games, this adorable game sees the player taking control of a mask-wearing protagonist with a massive sword and a suite of magical abilities. The game will be available in Summer 2020 as timed exclusive for Nintendo Switch.

Baldo’s Tale

This charming action-adventure RPG has an art style reminiscent of Studio Gibli, with bright colors and charming characters as the norm. The game will be coming to Nintendo Switch in Summer 2020 as a timed exclusive.

I Am Dead

In this new adventure game from Hollow Pond, you play as a ghost trying to unravel a small island’s ancient secrets.  The storyline follows the ghost of a museum curator as he tries to help save the island from a terrible fate by discovering the generations-old secret hidden below the surface. This will be a timed exclusive for the Switch, releasing sometime in 2020.


This new couch co-op side-scrolling game from TicToc games features cute animals shooting countless bad guys in outer space. Great for families! The game, a timed exclusive, will be released some time in 2020 for the Switch.

Summer in Mara

A new game from Chibig, this 3D adventure game is an homage to The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. Crafting, farming and exploring will be the primary gameplay loops. The game will be a timed exclusive for Switch, and is releasing this Spring.

The Last Campfire

The latest game from Hello Games, makers of No Man’s Sky, is The Last Campfire. This charming 3D adventure game sees the player navigating a creature called Ember through a gorgeous natural setting to bring them home and to rescue many of their own kind from a strange fate.


A strategic card game, Faeria offers draft, PVP and solo play. It will be coming out in March 2020 for Switch.

Eldest Souls

Pixel-art, tough-as-nails hack-and-slash action RPG, Eldest souls looks like a delightful take on the classic Castlevania formula, crossed with Dark Souls, sprinkled with a bit of Metroid for good measure. The game releases for Switch sometime in 2020.

Exit the Gungeon

The sequel to Enter the Gungeon, this rogue-like features countless guns, a “bullet-hell” gameplay style and incredibly cute pixel art graphics. As the “one more thing” stinger, Exit the Gungeon was release on March 17, immediately following the Indie World Showcase.

Cameron Norris

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