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Biggest Announcements from Nintendo’s Indie World Showcase

The biggest indie game announcements in the wide world of video games always come through Nintendo. After all, the Switch is the natural home of countless indie titles, as the hybrid console lends itself well to flexible play.

On December 10, the company showcased some of the heaviest hitters coming to the console in 2020, as well as a few surprises we didn’t see coming.

promotional image from Dauntless

Dauntless Available Now

Fan-favorite, free-to-play Monster Hunter clone Dauntless hits the Switch today. The surprise announcement was a huge moment in the Indie World Showcase, taking a number of fans off-guard. The colorful and enjoyable hack-and-slash title has been a mainstay on PC and PS4, so it’s great to see it coming to the Switch.

Hunting monsters on the go? Sounds like a recipe for success.

Golf Story Sequel

Indie darling Golf Story charmed critics and audiences alike with its cute visuals, engrossing story, and surprisingly deep golf-centric gameplay. Who knew how fun a golfing RPG could be? Well, get ready for even more sports RPG goodness, as Sports Story is slated to hit the Switch in 2020.

This time around, it looks like soccer, tennis, and even baseball will be getting in on the RPG action. Of course, golfing makes a return, as does dungeon-diving, story-based RPG fun. Color us excited!

Axiom Verge 2

Fans of indie games on the Switch are likely familiar with Axiom Verge, the superb old-school platformer with a surprisingly dark tale to tell. While the title was originally released in 2015 on PS4 and PC, the title found its true home (and the sales numbers it deserved) on the Switch.

As such, its no surprise that Nintendo’s Indie World Showcase was the place the sequel was announced.


Take a tiny songbird, then give him a skateboard and a helmet and some cute little clothes. Okay, now you’ve got Skatebird, a delightful-looking skating game coming to Switch in 2020. The title resembles Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater, except the player character is a bird and the world is tiny, much like in Katamari Damaci. This is one to keep your eye on.

All in all, the showcase proved one thing to be true: Even before we know what Nintendo has planned for first-party releases for the rest of the year, 2020 is shaping up to be another banner year for the hybrid tablet console.

Cameron Norris

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