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Die Hard Board Game: Return to Nakatomi Plaza

Favorite Christmas film of contrarians the world over, Die Hard is set to get its own board game. The admittedly excellent Bruce Willis flick from 1988 has held up pretty well over the last 30 years, thanks in large part to an awesome “one against many” narrative structure.

How will the Die Hard board game capture that same feeling in 2019?

Die Hard Board Game

die hard board game
20th Century Fox

Yippee Ki-Yay, Board Game Lover

The Die Hard board game, called Die Hard: The Nakatomi Heist Board Game, is being produced by The OP Games. According to the publisher, the game will recreate the feel of the movie with asymmetrical gameplay.

The game will allow for 2-4 players, though only one player takes the role of John McClane. The remaining players take the role of slick, European terrorists.

Here’s a quote from The OP Games.

“Die Hard: The Nakatomi Heist Board Game uses one-versus-many, asymmetric gameplay to pit protagonist John McClane against others acting as thieves who are co-operating to foil the hero’s plan, which is to save the hostages in the iconic Nakatomi Plaza high-rise.

“Movie buffs and hobby game enthusiasts will appreciate the game’s distinct homage to the 1988 film, which packs rules and gameplay to the air vents with callbacks to Die Hard’s most memorable scenes, characters, and events.”

Other Details

Pre-release info has revealed that the board game will use a three-act structure to form its gameplay. Players on either side will have various abilities and powers open up depending upon what act the game is in. According to Federico San Martin, the VP of Toys at 20th Century Fox, the game will be “nostalgic.

San Martin stated: “The Die Hard board game from USAopoly provides an engaging touch point for fans seeking a nostalgic trip back to Nakatomi Tower and, three decades after the film’s release, allows a new generation of fans to play a unique game experience showcasing this incredible property.”

For our part, this seems oddly interesting. What about you? Do you think Nakatomi Plaza would be a good location for your next board game night? We’re certain that a non-zero number of households will adopt the Die Hard game as their newest Christmas tradition, and we’re not sure how we feel about that.

Cameron Norris

Cameron Norris

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