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Game Freak Rolls Out Pokemon Home Details, Finally

After months of speculation and waiting, Game Freak has finally unveiled details about their upcoming Pokemon Home app. The new Pokemon-holding platform will replace Pokemon Bank, which previously allowed users to sort and transfer their pocket monsters through the numerous 3DS entries. Here’s what we know.

Pokemon Home

When Is It Coming?

As for the new storage and transfer app, Game Freak says we can expect to see it in February, though they’ve given no firm date on when in February it will arrive. When it finally does show up, it’ll allow users to store up to 6,000 monsters outside of any Pokemon games. The service will cost $16 per year.

This is helpful for a number of reasons. Firstly, it allows users to keep their favorite creatures even if they sell or lose their game, making it so their saves aren’t tied to a specific game system. Secondly, it allows users to transfer Pokemon from older generations up to the most recent releases, provided that they appear in that game’s regional Pokedex.

Will Pokemon Bank Still Work?

For now, Game Freak stated it has no plans of shutting down Pokemon Bank. However, they will offer a free month of the service the day that Home goes live, allowing players to use the Bank’s Transfer feature to move their 3DS generation Pokemon through to the Home app.

From the Home app, it will be possible to then move the Pokemon into Sword and Shield. Game Freak has confirmed that the Switch version of the app will allow users to transfer Pokemon from the Let’s Go! titles, both Pikachu and Eevee versions, which can allow them to be moved to Sword and Shield.

What About Pokemon Go?

Notably, Game Freak has confirmed that the app will not support trades from Pokemon Go at launch. However, the feature is in the works, and the company expects to roll it out at some point after the launch of the Home app.

Allowing players to access all of their Pokemon Go monsters in a mainline title will represent a massive shift in the way that Game Freak allows players to collect and transfer their favorite monsters.

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