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Go Back to School with These Teenage Superheroes

With the kiddos heading back to school soon–and the rumor that the Young Avengers will soon be joining the MCU–we started thinking about teenage superheroes. Which one is your favorite?

back to school superheroes


Brian K. Vaughn’s Runaways took a seemingly simple concept–what if supervillains had kids that didn’t know their parents were evil?–and turned it into one of the freshest, most awesome comics runs in recent memory. The Hulu adaptation isn’t have bad, either!

Buffy Summers

Is Buffy a superhero? She has super strength, enhanced senses, and accelerated healing, so my vote is yes. Plus she’s come back from the dead twice–that’s classic superhero behavior.

Buffy started life in an underrated movie starring Kristy Swanson, but she’s best known for the long-running TV series. Nowadays, Buffy and the Scooby Gang live on in comic books–both further “seasons” of the original show and a recent reboot featuring updated versions of the familiar characters. A new take on the character is supposed to be headed our way soon with a revamped TV show, too.

Teen Titans

They’re teens–and they’re titans! The DC heroes consistently delivered solid stories about the younger version of the junior varsity Justice League, but the New 52 run and the more recent attempt at a reboot was a disappointment. We still love the cartoon, but the sexier live-action take on the characters, courtesy of DC Universe, shows a lot of promise.

Peter Parker

We can’t talk about teenage superheroes without mentioning Spider-Man. Peter Parker–and now Miles Morales–has a long history in comics, cartoons, and movies.

With the phenomenal Into the Spider-Verse and the Tom Holland live-action franchise going strong, Peter Parker remains one of the best-loved and most dynamic characters in comic book history. And now that Peter is back to being a high schooler, we never have to talk about Toby McGuire’s emo Spidey again.

Young Avengers

The Young Avengers are the next generation of heroes protecting Earth–and the most likely heirs to the MCU as Phase 4 kicks off. We know for a fact that Kate Bishop will be taking over as Hawkeye soon, and other members of the teenage superhero squad are likely to join her.

We’ve already met Ant-Man’s daughter, Cassie Lang, also known as Stature. We’re hoping that slightly less familiar characters like Wiccan or Hulkling will join the party, too. But we’re on the fence about Kid Loki–it all depends on what happens in the Loki series on Disney+ and whether audiences want to see anyone other than Tom Hiddleston in the role.

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