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Gorgeous New Switch Lite Color Coming to the US

In a post on their official Twitter, Nintendo unveiled a new color for the Switch Lite on Tuesday. The striking new hue, called “Coral,” is a pinkish, reddish shade of orange that looks quite stylish. The color joins the three other Switch Lite colors of Gray, Yellow and Turquoise, and continues the trend of bright, pastel colors for the handheld-only Nintendo console.

Each Switch Lite color, including the new color, Coral

Coral Switch Lite
Switch production has been slowed somewhat by the coronavirus outbreak in China, but Nintendo confirmed that the Coral Switch Lite began production in mid-January. As such, it’s targeting a Japanese release date of March 20, roughly a month after its initial announcement.

For Nintendo fans in North America, we can expect to see the console stateside on April 3, shortly after the release of Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Notably, the Coral handheld is launching the same day as New Horizons in Japan, meaning it was likely meant to launch simultaneously in the US before the production hiccups in China delayed it.

Switch Options Grow

Since the Switch Lite launched in September 2019, options for the console’s styling have only increased. The Switch Lite launched with three colors, and a special edition Pokemon Sword and Shield Switch Lite released in November.

For users with an original Switch, Nintendo has kept the new color stylings coming by way of new Joy Con controllers. For instance, in October, Nintendo released two new pairs of Joy Con colors: Blue and Neon Yellow, as well as Neon Purple and Neon Orange. These joined the other options of Neon Red and Neon Blue, Neon Green and Neon Purple, as well as Gray. There is also a set of two Neon Yellow Joy Cons, which are the same color as the right Joy Con in the Blue and Neon Yellow set.

Special Edition Switch

AC Switch

This news follows right after the announcement of an Animal Crossing Limited Edition Switch. That console will sport a different appearance for its Joy Cons, dock, main tablet and even Joy Con side grips. While fans of Animal Crossing may have been expecting a Switch Lite, the full console getting an Animal Crossing makeover was a welcome surprise.

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