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Idris Elba Wants to Return to the MCU–But There’s Just One Little Problem

I think we can all agree that more Idris Elba is a good thing. He’s always the best part of even a mediocre movie (I’m looking at you, Dark Tower) and brings a mixture of swagger and gravitas to every role. It’d be awesome to see him return to his role as Heimdall in the next Thor movie, but there’s a slight problem.


An Ex-Asgardian?

Heimdall is dead, y’all. He’s not pining for the fjords. He is no more, he has ceased to be. He’s expired and gone to meet Odin. In other words, he’s an ex-Asgardian, and it’s not clear how he is supposed to come back for another sequel.

Spoilers for Avengers: Infinity War follow. You’ve been warned!

How did Heimdall kick the bucket? At the very beginning of Endgame, Thanos murders him when Heimdall refuses to do the big purple meanie’s bidding. Thanos stabs him in the heart, thus killing off one of the most consistently watchable characters in the Thor franchise.

Straight from the Source

Here’s how Idris thinks the resurrection could work:

“Listen, Heimdall is essentially part of the god family. So you know, he essentially could be alive. I’m just saying! I’m just putting it out there. The Heimdall character goes way back into, you know, the Thor mythology, And I’m sure there will be an interesting way to bring that alive. Of course I would. Yes.”

Idris has gone on record as being unhappy with Marvel before, going so far as to call the Thor: Dark World reshoots “torture.” He had just finished filming a prestige biopic of Nelson Mandela at the time, and his agent had to forcefully remind him that he was contractually obligated to go back to work for Marvel.

“[I]n between takes I was stuck there, fake hair stuck on to my head with glue, this f*cking helmet, while they reset. And I’m thinking: ‘24 hours ago, I was Mandela.’ … Then there I was, in this stupid harness, with this wig and this sword and these contact lenses. It ripped my heart out.”

Thor: Love and Thunder

Apparently, he’s had a change of heart since then. We all know that Dark World was a miserable experience for audiences, too, but Ragnarok not only righted that ship but also gave Idris something substantial to do as Heimdall.

Since writer-director Taika Waititi is coming back to direct Thor: Love and Thunder, maybe Idris will find a way to reprise his role. After all, the rumor is that the alt-universe Loki who’ll be starring in the Disney+ series might make an appearance in the next film. Surely he could bring along his old frenemy Heimdall, too.

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