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Inspire Girls to Love Comics and Empower Them to Be Their Own Heroes

We all know that the world of comics can be something of a boys’ club. Thankfully, that’s been changing with the release of books focused on girls and young women as the heroes. Here are the best titles to get kids, tweens, and teens hooked on comics!

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As of right now, there are 60 issues of this quirky, all-girl comic series. Created in part by Noelle Stevenson (who went on to develop the new She-Ra for Netflix), Lumberjanes follows a group of friends at summer who investigate the spooky supernatural stuff that happens in the nearby woods.

The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl

Ryan North (of Dinosaur Comics fame) penned the first miniseries of the all-new Unbeatable Squirrel Girl in 2014. The character is a delight–and is one of the strongest heroes in the Marvel Universe. She also stars in a spin-off young adult novel by Shannon Hale.


Noelle Stevenson (Lumberjanes, She-Ra) originally created this graphic novel as a free webcomic while she was still a student. It’s a bonkers story that mixes up fairy tale cliches to tell a completely new tale. This one is being adapted as a full-length animated feature soon.


This kid-friendly fantasy series by Kazu Kibuishi is a favorite of school libraries and teachers. It follows siblings Emily and Navin as they navigate a fantastical world to save their mother.


If you watched Hilda on Netflix, then you’re already familiar with this charming graphic novel series by Luke Pearson. Hilda explores her a magical world with endless curiosity and bravery.

DC Superhero Girls

While it might not have the critical acclaim of some of the titles on this list, the DC Superhero Girls series is designed to be a gateway for girls to get interested in comics. It features cute versions of DC’s female heroes and villains–and yes, you can buy them all as action figures, too.

Anya’s Ghost

Anya’s Ghost by Vera Brosgol is a great choice for older tweens or teens. It’s a gorgeous graphic novel that tells a self-contained story about an unhappy girl and the ghost she befriends.

Ms. Marvel

Kamala Khan is Marvels’ first Muslim superhero. She takes on the title of Ms. Marvel from Carol Danvers and stars in her own series, which is a little more lighthearted than some of the other Marvel books aimed at adults.


Princeless is an indie comic created by Jeremy Whitley. Princess Adrienne rejects the traditionally feminine role she’s expected to play and sets out to rescue not only herself but also her sisters in this series.


While readers of any age can enjoy Runaways, it’s an especially great series for teenage girls who have an interest in comics but don’t know where to start. The teen angst is strong in this one, but Brian K. Vaughn tells a heck of a story.

Mouse Guard

Although Mouse Guard doesn’t feature a girl or young woman, it does follow some seriously adorable mice on their adventures. The ongoing story, set in a medieval world, follows a group of brave mice on their adventures.

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