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Kevin Feige is Now In Charge of Marvel Comics

Kevin Feige, the man responsible for the Marvel Cinematic Universe and executive producer on all 23 Marvel Studios films, is now also in charge of Marvel Comics. The accomplished producer is a huge part of the reason Marvel Studios has been so successful, as his wisdom and guidance have helped the studio become a household name.

Kevin Feige

Now, with Feige in charge of Marvel Comics, fans can likely expect to see the comics hew much more closely to the look and feel of the MCU. This also means that the comics universe could become a zone for the brand to try out storylines and characters before pulling them up to the “big show” of the films or TV series.

One Big Family

Speaking of TV series, Feige is also now in charge of the TV side of Marvel Entertainment. This likely means we can expect Marvel’s TV outings to be more involved with the overarching plot of the films. While the promise of Agents of SHIELD and the Netflix MCU shows was that they would cross-pollinate with the films, this never really materialized.

Occasionally, film characters would make cameos on the small screen. But, as of Spider-Man: Far From Home, no MCU characters have debuted on a TV show and then been seen in a film. Hopefully, Feige being in charge of things will help to break this trend.

Corporate Structure

Ike Perlmutter is still on as chairman of Marvel Entertainment, and Dan Buckley is still the president of the company. Feige’s new role means that he’s the creative head of the brand, with the title of “Chief Creative Officer.”

Essentially, Feige’s proven so darn useful for Marvel and the films he’s helmed have been so successful that he’s been given a brand-new role in charge of damn near everything on the content side. It just goes to show how much Marvel trusts their film studio head, that they’re comfortable giving him the keys to the kingdom.

As long as he keeps helping the team make great movies (and comics and TV shows) then Feige is likely to stay the golden goose for the company.

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