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Nearly Six Months Since Last General Nintendo Direct, and Fans are Getting Antsy

The last general Nintendo Direct was nearly six months ago, in September of 2019. When that direct aired, it had a bit of information about upcoming titles for the end of the year and a few details about games coming early in 2020.

However, many reviewers–this one included–noted the surprising lack of any releases beyond the first quarter of 2020.

A commonly seen meme on Nintendo's Twitter account, often posted in response to users asking others to "chill" on the topic

And, here we are, nearly through February and at the tail end of the first quarter, with nary a Nintendo Direct in sight and no idea as to what Nintendo’s plans for the Switch are going into the summer and holiday seasons. To put it lightly, fans online are a little bit antsy.

Fans Are Worried About 2020

The holiday season this year is likely to be seriously competitive for video game companies. Both Microsoft and Sony will be throwing their next-gen consoles into the ring to go toe-to-toe with Nintendo’s popular hybrid console. Nintendo fans are worried that the uncharacteristically long silence from the big N could be evidence of the company having little to announce in the face of the new competition.

The last direct, which was in September, covered a few games with tentative “2020” release windows. The remake of Xenoblade Chronicles, No More Heroes 3 and a sequel to Bravely Default are all in the pipeline for sometime this year. However, heavy hitters like Metroid, Zelda, Mario and other first-party Nintendo games were nowhere to be seen.

Longest General Direct Gap?

As several fans have noted, this has been the longest gap in general Directs since the Switch was first announced. However, it’s not the longest gap in Nintendo Directs ever; that distinction goes to the Wii U era, when there was an astonishing six months between the May 31, 2015 Direct and the next, which was on November 12, 2015. Notably, this only occurred because Nintendo skipped E3 altogether in 2015.

This gap is getting close to the length between the 2015 Directs, and without the excuse of a skipped E3 to explain the length of time. Fans eager to learn what the Big N has in store for the back half of the year have been getting very antsy on Twitter, spamming nearly any official Nintendo tweets with hundreds of memes begging for any scrap of info on new games.

It’s Got to be Good, Right?

The fans are absolutely boiling over with anticipation for what the next Direct could hold. With so much time having passed, and the last Direct being so tight-lipped about 2020, fans are hoping that the next Direct isn’t just soon, but is an absolute doozy of a news presentation.

Otherwise, they might literally explode. Or something. Come on Nintendo, throw them a bone.

Cameron Norris

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