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Reasons Why James Bond Would Never Be Approved for Car Insurance

Bond, James Bond. The name itself holds weight in whichever country it´s said in. The driving skills of James Bond are indescribable and downright dangerous.

When you are binge-watching his movies, does it ever come to mind how much his premium could be or if he bothers having any?

Pedal to the Medal Kind of Driver

It´s no secret when it comes to Bond and his driving. He could outrace any other car, and cause some damage along the way. There are probably car and life insurance agents who would be lucky enough to get a commission off him.

Bond would more than likely never be approved for car insurance because of his high accident rates, along with his appreciation for alcohol. He also likes to speed and put himself at risk without second-guessing it. With these factors, he would be denied before he even completed the paperwork.

Along with his driving skills, Bond would be unable to provide his real name and home address being that he always on the run and never has the chance to plant his roots.

The chances of Bond getting approved for car insurance is the same as someone outracing him, highly unlikely.

Johnny Sharpe

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