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Scary, Fun Ghost-Hunting: “Luigi’s Mansion 3”

There are few certainties in this life, but Nintendo putting out quality first-party titles is one thing you can count on. The newest entry in the beloved Luigi’s Mansion series is the latest in a string of great games for the Nintendo Switch.

Luigi's Mansion 3

Let’s take a look at the newest first-party title from Nintendo and go over some of the highlights. Are you ready to head back into the Mansion? Okay, it’s a hotel this time, but still.

Scaring Up Some Fun

When Luigi and his friends arrive at the hotel, they’re quickly introduced to Helena Gravely, who seems nice enough at first. However, when things take a dark turn and Luigi’s friends are kidnapped by ghosts once again, the green-clad plumber has to strap on his Poltergust 3000 and save the day.

Series mainstays like Professor E. Gadd and the lovable Boo ghosts are back, as well as the traditional Luigi’s Mansion ghost types. A great unexpected plus for this game is how genuinely funny it is: Dialogue is witty and fast-paced, keeping the jokes coming even if they might not land for younger players.

Who You Gonna Call? Luigi!

Busting ghosts is a delight in this game. Luigi’s animations are fluid and entertaining, and the controls feel smooth and responsive. The satisfying overhead slam makes you feel like you’re really giving it to any ghosts you encounter, while puzzle solving remains a pillar of the gameplay.

While the lower levels of the hotel have you performing simple lock-and-key fetch-style puzzle solving, the game offers up more and more complex puzzles as things progress. Nintendo artfully teaches the player each new puzzle-solving technique, presenting you with challenges that gradually ramp up in complexity and difficulty.

Twice the Luigi, 100% More Goo

A standout gameplay mechanic is the addition of “Gooigi,” a goo-based doppelganger of our favorite scaredy-cat. In order to solve puzzles or distract ghosts, you can have Gooigi go out into the world. He can slip through pipes, across spikes and through other such obstacles that would stop the flesh-and-blood Luigi in his tracks.

The bottom line is that this is an awesome game, and another example of the classic Nintendo magic still going strong. We can easily recommend this game to any fans of Nintendo-style adventures and happily award it a 5/5 rating.

Cameron Norris

Cameron Norris

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