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Step Into the Ring, Brother: Wrestling Supplement Comes to D&D

If you’ve ever wanted your campaign to take a little detour into the realm of professional wrestling, you’re not alone. People often find their parties getting side-tracked in the fighting pits, trying to make a name for themselves by choke-slamming monsters.

Well, with the new wrestling supplement, Battles, Brawls & Belts, it’s time to step into the ring.

Wrestling Supplement Comes to D&D

Dungeons and Dragons

The Cream Rises to the Top

Oh, yeah, that’s right. From the fine folks at DM’s Guild, this new supplement introduces a ton of goodies for pro wrestling fans. If you’ve ever wanted to play a traditional grappling-only fighter, you’re in luck. Battles, Brawls and Belts introduces 12 new subclasses, all complete with their own style and flair for the squared circle.

Included in the expansion are also tons of new ways to grapple. Included are takedowns, holds and throws that make grappling more cinematic and tactically interesting. Also, putting a goblin in a full-nelson has, up to this point, never been so satisfying.

Bonesaw is Ready

The supplement also walks you through all the ways to build your wrestler as a face or a heel, with all the flair and stage persona you need to wow the crowd. Building your own arena from the ground-up to stage epic battles of light versus dark is about as classic as it gets, and it’s just the first chapter.

Create your costume and persona, name your special moves and get ready to have a blast wrestling owlbears. If those words didn’t put a smile on your face, we can’t be friends. Frankly, we just want to piledrive a dragon.

You can buy Battles, Brawls and Belts over at DM’s Guild for $10. The authors behind it, Ashley and Isaac May, have created some awesome content on the site before. Get ready to step into the ring, champ. It’s show time.

Cameron Norris

Cameron Norris

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