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Two Mad Max Sequels to ‘Fury Road’ Are Coming!

Not gonna lie… I can barely contain my excitement about this news. There’s going to be two Mad Max sequels!

Mad Max: Fury Road’s visionary director George Miller has confirmed that two sequels are in the words. “It seems to be pretty clear that it’s going to happen,” he said in an interview over the weekend with Indiewire.


Fury Road was a Reboot Done Right

In this age of reboots, we’ve seen some real failures. When Miller announced that Mad Max would return starring Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron, fans were skeptical. Losing Mel Gibson, who portrayed Max Rockantansky in three films, put an assumption of failure in many Max-lover’s minds. But having Miller himself helm the film was something to hang your hat on.

The result was, dare I say, one of the best action films in the history of cinema. A tour de force of stunts, explosions, tasteful CGI and – shock – character development! Fury Road was a success, earning over $400 million at the box office and leaving fans craving more Mad Max sequels.


It seemed at first that Miller was cool on returning to the world of Mad Max. And then the Warner/AT&T merge happened, throwing the studio into chaos. After years passed by, many of us began losing hope that a Miller-led Fury Road sequel would happen.

But now, it seems that the merger dust has settled and Kevin Tsujihara, CEO of film and television at Warner said he’d “love to work with George Miller on furthering the ‘Mad Max’ franchise” during an interview with the LA Times.

And now we’re getting at least two, according to the director.

Miller says there are two sequels on the way involving Max, but that we’ll also be treated to a Furiosa story.

Hardy and Theron to Return?

Tom Hardy said back in 2017 that he was game to return in any Mad Max sequels as the titular character. Currently, he is prepping to return to his role as Eddie Brock for a Venom sequel. There has been no confirmation that Theron will return to her role as Furiosa, however. It was made public after the release of Fury Road that the two co-stars did not enjoy working together, leading to a feud.

Co-star Zoe Kravits had this to say about the feud during an interview with Andy Cohen, “They didn’t get along. We were also in the desert for so long. I think everyone was tired, and confused, and homesick. We saw nothing but sand for six months. You go crazy, you do. I actually don’t know if there was one issue. I think it was like they weren’t vibing.”

It’s hard to imagine a Furiosa story without Charlize Theron, so we are keeping our fingers crossed that the two can work out their differences.


Johnny Sharpe

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